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 There is a great difference between a bishop having an opinion, and pronouncing a teaching as a Bishop.  The two bishops you mentioned were merely offering their opinions, because there is nothing taught in Medjugorje messages which conflicts with faith and morals, so they have had no basis for condemnation.  If there were, condemnation would have been pronounced years ago.  Most of the negative comments launched against Medjugorje are hyped up, exaggerated  nonsense.  Anyone can be attacked and made to look bad because we are human  beings and do have weak points, even those chosen by God to give His messages to His people, for their own benefit.  They are not perfect, and if mistakes have been made, that is unfortunate.  Just as Old Testament prophets were imperfect, yet used by God (does anyone remember even Peter was called satan by Jesus because he tried to prevent what God decreed?)   Could I not perhaps begin to slander some of your actions and make people believe that you are not who you say you are?  Of course, it is done all the time by the media and psychological methods to beat down opponents.

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Weaving essays

weaving essays


weaving essaysweaving essaysweaving essaysweaving essays