Usc mba essay questions 2013

Your family has a business of over 200 employees or is a well-known family
Your parent is a senior politician
Your parent is the CEO of a company with 500+ employees
You have raised $5 million from investors
You started a company that has made some progress but hasn’t yet taken off
You started a company that currently employs 5 people (note that if you manage these people, you also count those management points)
You currently work in biotech / biomedical eng. / bioinformatics / nanotechnology
You currently work in clean tech / alternative energy
You currently work in venture capital / private equity / hedge funds
Your family has a business in one of the industries mentioned above
You have a PhD in science or engineering

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This guide is designed to help Johnson MBA applicants to prepare for their interview, complete with a list of the most common Cornell MBA interview questions. The typical Johnson MBA interview is 30 to 50 minutes long. It can be given by either a second year student, alumni or an admissions committee member. It is even possible to get an interview with an adcom member while a second year student is observing for interview training purposes. Interviews can take place on campus, off-campus or over Skype. Expect the interview to be semi-blind, which means that they have seen your resume but probably nothing else. The Cornell MBA interview questions below are organized from most common question to least common, with the frequency it is asked in parenthesis.

Usc mba essay questions 2013

usc mba essay questions 2013


usc mba essay questions 2013usc mba essay questions 2013usc mba essay questions 2013usc mba essay questions 2013