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On January 5, 1998, a new (revised) submission on XML-Data was presented to the W3C by Microsoft, ArborText, DataChannel, and Inso. Reference: W3C Note 05 Jan 1998. Authors: Andrew Layman, Edward Jung, Eve Maler, Henry S. Thompson, Jean Paoli, John Tigue, Norbert H. Mikula, and Steve DeRose. According to the introduction, XML-Data "describes an XML vocabulary for schemas, that is, for defining and documenting object classes. It can be used for classes which as strictly syntactic (for example, XML) or those which indicate concepts and relations among concepts (as used in relational databases, KR graphs and RDF). The former are called 'syntactic schemas;' the latter 'conceptual schemas.' The text of this NOTE thus "provides a specification (XML-Data) for describing and exchanging structured and networked data on the Web. Such exchange is facilitated by schemas defining the characteristics of classes of objects. The objects can be syntactic constructs such as are used in XML instances, or may be more abstract such as are found in databases, information models or directed, labeled graphs. This paper describes an XML vocabulary for schemas. One immediate implication of these ideas is a substantive part of the functionalities of XML document types can now be described using the XML instance syntax itself, rather than DTD syntax. We expect XML-Data to be useful for a wide range of applications, such as describing database transfers or remotely-located Web resources."

As Oracle’s Vice President of Global Public policy, Mr. Alhadeff is responsible for coordinating and managing Oracle’s international and Internet-related policy Chief Privacy Strategist, Mr. Alhadeff oversees Oracle’s strategic planning and advocacy related to privacy, personal information protection and management across all Oracle operations and product areas as well as global addition to his role at Oracle, Mr. Alhadeff serves a prominent role in several influential international organizations dedicated to Internet policy, security and privacy. Mr Alhadeff serves as the BIAC Chair to the OECD ICCP Committee, head of industry delegation to the OECD Security Steering Group, and a Vice Chair of the International Chamber of Commerce’s Digital Economy Committee. In the EU, Mr. Alhadeff serves as Chair of the Data Protection, Governance and Identity Management working group of the EU Expert Group on Cloud Computing. In the US, Mr. Alhadeff chairs the Digital Economy Committee for the US India Business Council, co-chairs EABC’s Information Governance working group and is Vice Chair of USCIB’s Information Policy Committee. Mr. Alhadeff is also the Chair of the US ASEAN’s Malaysia Committee, Vice-Chair of the US-ASEAN Business Council’s Technology Committee and serves on the NCAPEC Board. Mr Alhadeff also serves on the advisory boards of the Digital Security Council of India, and to joining Oracle, Mr. Alhadeff was General Counsel and Vice President for Electronic Commerce for the US Council for International Business (USCIB) in New York. Mr. Alhadeff holds an . in management and information systems from New York University, Leonard N. Stern School of Business and a . from Boston University School of Law, and a . from Oberlin College.

Thesis rapid scorm

thesis rapid scorm


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