Seda thesis

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ATA 551 Foreign Policy of the Republic (3+0+0) 3 ECTS 7
(Cumhuriyetin Dış Politikası)
The implications of Turkey's geographical position; her relations with Great Powers in the l9th century, and the influence of these relations on Ottoman foreign policy; Ataturk's efforts to formulate a distinct Republican foreign policy in the light of past experience; Turkey and the League of Nations in the interwar era; the system of alliances established that Ataturk sought to forge in the 1920s and 30s in order to create peace zones around Turkey; the precarious and ambivalent neutrality of 1939-45; the main axes of Turkish foreign policy during the Cold War. The emerging quests and orientations of the post-cold war era.

Seda thesis

seda thesis


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