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ACT sends three types of score reports: college reports, student reports, and high school reports. College reports will be sent to the four colleges or scholarship agencies selected by the student. The score reports reflect an overall composite score, four subject area scores, and seven subscores. An additional score will be provided if the student takes the ACT Plus Writing. The subject and composite scores will range from 1 to 36 and the subscores will range from 1 to 18.

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※ Discrepancy: This statement is not exact or inaccurate: "... ACT percentiles are calculated on the basis of the percent of test takers scoring the same score or a lower one, not (as is the case for many other assessments) only the percent scoring lower". Specifically, it applies to the scores of 35 or lower but not the highest score of 36. This is because if % of test takers scored 36 AND lower, what score did the remaining % of test takers get? Obviously the answer is none because there is no score higher than 36. Therefore, the correct percentile for 36 appears to be % (100% — %). But if one looks at the next line (the score of 35) it appears to be % instead (100% — %). In other words, % of the test takers had a score of 35 or lower, meaning the only higher score, 36 (no scores between 35 and 36 as the increment is 1), belongs to the remaining % of test takers. But which is the true answer, % or %? If it's %, then % is a calculation error? Or the vice versa (% is true and % is a calculation error). Please clarify by checking on the original data! It's surprising to see such discrepancy for such a popular and critical test.

Scoring for act essay

scoring for act essay


scoring for act essayscoring for act essayscoring for act essayscoring for act essay