Sample dissertation presentation ppt

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Having already established the basis of the theoretical outlook of this dissertation, which is also pertinent to the lens to which the evidence collected will be looked at, it is now necessary to reflect upon how evidence will be collected to support the arguments espoused in this dissertation. There are numerous approaches to social research, but in endeavouring to explore the impact of one individual in a particular field, the use of historical analysis via life biography is relevant to this dissertation (Babbie, 2001). There are a number of ways in which to create a well researched picture of Saatchi's function in the British art scene. Firstly, it would be important to establish the history of the gallery and how this came about. This can be done through secondary sources such as Supercollector: A Critique of Charles Saatchi (Hatton and Walker, 2000) and the few interviews given by Saatchi in The Guardian and on the BBC. The artists and exhibitions Saatchi has been a patron of will reveal the general aesthetic of the art dealer which ranges from United States contemporary […]

Sample dissertation presentation ppt

sample dissertation presentation ppt


sample dissertation presentation pptsample dissertation presentation pptsample dissertation presentation pptsample dissertation presentation ppt