Rapid prototyping research papers

I guess that’s one possible intreptation of the article, although certainly not the one I intended. I certainly don’t view prototyping as a cumbersome or technical task because with tools such as Axure you can quickly create something that conveys a UI in a much more engaging and dare I say it, user-friend manner than wireframes. You’ll also notice that I don’t talk about ditching sketches or quick mockups, simply that it makes more sense to go directly from these to an interactive prototype, rather than a static wireframe.

The ERD process is structured to use demonstrated functionality rather than paper products as a way for stakeholders to communicate their needs and expectations. Central to this goal of rapid delivery is the use of the " timebox " method. Timeboxes are fixed periods of time in which specific tasks (., developing a set of functionality) must be performed. Rather than allowing time to expand to satisfy some vague set of goals, the time is fixed (both in terms of calendar weeks and person-hours) and a set of goals is defined that realistically can be achieved within these constraints. To keep development from degenerating into a " random walk ," long-range plans are defined to guide the iterations. These plans provide a vision for the overall system and set boundaries (., constraints) for the project. Each iteration within the process is conducted in the context of these long-range plans.

Rapid prototyping research papers

rapid prototyping research papers


rapid prototyping research papersrapid prototyping research papersrapid prototyping research papersrapid prototyping research papers