Parenting styles authoritative essay

Sorry I haven't had a chance to prepare this section yet. Right now my priority need to be completing my dissertation. I hope to prepare this lesson plan excerpt in the summer. Here is an outline. As the instructor, you role-play the adolescent child and the class plays the 'parents'. Set up the scenario where the parent asks a child to do a chore. The child says "no." Ask for permissive parenting responses. Then ask for authoritarian parenting responses. This is typically very easy for students to do. If you keep your demeanor relaxed and repond with humor, students end up laughing as the model these scenarios. Finally ask for authoritative parenting repsponses. These role-playing tasks are pretty easy and essentially review the basic ideas for students. Now extend the scenario by responding to the parent's authoritative suggestions with somethign like, "You never make (sibling_name) do the dishes!!!!" Now repeat the different styles. When you reach authoritative parenting, students will probably have difficulty. Most will drift into permissive parenting styles. A typical authoritative solution is to acknowledge the child's feelings, still assert a parenting role to insure the chore is done now, and arrange to work on issue for the future. (. "You feel (sibling_name) does not do as many chores as you. Please wash the dishes now. We'll talk about chores as a family tonight after dinner."). Here is a place to note how you can have high control and a high level of empathy. A second point to mention when students are having trouble is the difference between 'hot' and 'cold' cognition.

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    So according to my logic, in the model we have:

    • The authoritarian parenting style: high demandingness, low responsiveness, low tolerance.

    • The permissive parenting style: low demandingness, high responsiveness, high tolerance.

    • The authoritative parenting style: high demandingness, high responsiveness, low tolerance.

    • The neglectful parenting style: low demandingness, low responsiveness, low tolerance

    • The harmonious parenting style: moderate demandingness, high responsiveness, moderately high tolerance.

    Parenting styles authoritative essay

    parenting styles authoritative essay


    parenting styles authoritative essayparenting styles authoritative essayparenting styles authoritative essayparenting styles authoritative essay