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Environmental demands did not have many coping mechanisms they but Reilly and Williams suggests “time management and prioritization, as well as isolation from the stressor and deflection.” Ways for the athletes to deal with the stress from high expectations and pressure to perform at their highest standard include “positive focus and orientation, training hard and smart, rational thinking, positive self talk, social support, pre-contemplation mental preparation and anxiety management.” The athlete has many relationships with other people which can add to their stress level, to combat these the athlete should try “positive focus and orientation, social support, striving for a positive working relationship, isolation and deflection, as well as rational thinking and positive self-talk.” Life direction concerns affect everyone, not just athletes. Ways to help deal with life direction concerns include “time management and prioritization, rational thinking and positive self-talk.”

Stress is part of our lives. We live with it, deal with it, and above all worry about it. Our way of life, the area in which we live, the economy, and our jobs can cause a great deal of stress. Not everyone deals with the same level of stress and there are several factors that can impact our lives and cause us to have higher or lower stress levels. We can have stress caused by Cataclysmic events which according to Feldman (2009) are events that can affect many people at the same time and are “disasters such as tornado and plane crashes, as well as terrorist attacks”. (p418). Other factors are personal stressors and can be caused by events such as a divorce, death or a loved one or the loss of a job. (Feldman, 2009). The other category is what Feldman (2009) refers to as background stressors and are the things that impact our daily life.
South Florida has many factors that contribute to our stress level, high unemployment rate % , high number of families living in poverty approximately 16%, (. Census Bureau, American Fact Finder at (http://), a housing crisis that has contributed to many residents losing their homes, overcrowded roads, high crime rate, and during hurricane season the weather.
When we compare ourselves with people living in smaller cities, villages, other areas of the country or even other countries, or those whose socio economic status allows them to maintain their life style during difficult economic times we could probably see a difference in the stress level. Who has not stressed over driving in the Palmetto or I-95. Who has not stressed over the evening news or the possibility of not having a job in very difficult economic times? Who has not ...

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...ial demands, etc. can help us manage our lives and careers in a way that will help us to achieve our goals, maintain healthy relationships, succeed at our jobs, and maintain a healthy life style. According to Feldman (2009) our relationship with others can help us deal with our stress. The social support we can establish can help us to lower our stress level and the support we show others can help them as well.
Coping with the daily stressors we face, and doing so as a member of a group of family, friends, coworkers, or neighbors can help us to maintain a healthy level of stress and will certainly reduce the risk of health problems associated with major stress in our life. This will in turn help us to be successful in our careers because we will achieve a healthy balance of work goals, family goals, community commitment, and a sense of well being.

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Paper about stress

paper about stress


paper about stresspaper about stresspaper about stresspaper about stress