Mechatronics bachelor thesis

Each year more than 1500 international students from all over the world choose to study at the University of Southern Denmark, so you will become part of a lively international student environment.

We believe that engineers of today must be able to master a global perspective and we encourage international as well as Danish students to spend one or two semesters abroad on an internship or as exchange students.

Faculty of Engineering has adopted a student-centred approach to learning, and teaching is based on problem based project work. Students participate significantly in class and carry out project work in small teams.

Due to its integrating properties the programme leads to a wide range of career opportunities with emphasis on operation, design, development and research of complex technical systems within almost any branch of industry. The generality of many of the methods offers great opportunities in terms of choosing among many different domains of application. The acquired skills are needed at manufacturing companies, supplier companies, consulting firms and utility companies. Job roles range from applied research to product and system development and operation, as well as sales support and product planning. In addition, other career opportunities may arise as academic researchers, technical advisors, project managers and teachers at different levels.

Mechatronics bachelor thesis

mechatronics bachelor thesis


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