Master thesis computer sciences

In order to apply to the . program, applicants should hold an . degree in Computer Science or a closely related area, from a well-recognized university. Students who hold a . degree in Computer Science but have an exceptionally strong academic record may be admitted directly to the . program, but they must initially apply to the . program. Students who are in the . program have the option to be fast-tracked into the . program at the end of their first academic year, contingent on excellent performance as judged by the . committee.

COMPSCI 297P. Capstone Design Project for Computer Science. 4 Units
Design and development of app, a software system or a hardware component of system based on your prior knowledge of advanced computer science principles. Implement at least a working prototype and test this using relevant use cases and or input data. Pre-Requisite: 24 units completed in MCS program.
Co-requisite: COMPSCI 296P. Capstone Professional Writing and Communication for Computer Science Careers.
Admissions Requirements Applicants must provide the following:

The industrial organizational psychology graduate program emphasizes the application of psychological science to enhance the performance and well-being of people in organizations. This program will prepare you to develop assessments of people for selection and placement into jobs, effective training programs, strategies for organizational development, measurement of performance, and ways to promote quality of work-life. Students receive a strong core foundation in industrial and organizational psychology as well as statistics and research methods.

Master thesis computer sciences

master thesis computer sciences


master thesis computer sciencesmaster thesis computer sciencesmaster thesis computer sciencesmaster thesis computer sciences