Hsc skrzynecki essay

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The choice to belong or not belong is sometimes not available and is forced by nature. Skzrynecki describes his struggles to belong in the poem “Migrant Hostel” and shows his minority through this. The simile, “Like a homing pigeon, circling to get its bearings” describes the situation of Skzrynecki and the other immigrants, as not belonging anywhere. They are lost and have nowhere to go. The simile, “As is rose and fell like a finger” symbolizes the minority and discrepancies that the immigrants are dealing with. They are even being controlled by a piece of wood further destroying their status. Skzrynecki refers to certain aspects in his life through historical allusions, “Partitioned off at night, By memories of hunger and hate.”, deploying the tragedies faced by his family. The alliteration of “hunger” and “hate” emphasise the horrors by drawing a connection between the connotations of hunger and hate. Skrzynecki skillfully shows his dislocation to Australia as a migrant through the poem “Migrant Hostel” and displays his struggles to belong.

Hsc skrzynecki essay

hsc skrzynecki essay


hsc skrzynecki essayhsc skrzynecki essayhsc skrzynecki essayhsc skrzynecki essay