How to write about nutrition

I am in need of some help with my Travel Blog. I started my blog in December with the help of a friend. I obviously need a great deal of help , with as you put it, your “ABOUT” page is the most important page on your blog. I used my ABOUT page like my life’s journey? Too long, and obviously of no interest to my viewers! What should one have on their HOME page? My other heading I titled “Andy’s Travel services” – Your comments would be appreciated. Finally, my travel blogs I’m proud of as a “rookie blogger”. Working as a partner with a Major Tour Operator in Europe, I am hoping to introduce travelers to find simplicity in their travel, with unique and new experiences, assist them in their planning, share my knowledge. I drove and guided camping tours throughout Europe for three years in the late 60’s, where I accumulated a great deal of knowledge. My blog is focusing on unique excursions and outings for those interested in a Mediterranean Cruise – Namely Venice to Barcelona .I am wondering how you could help me in revamping my current look? I look forward to any advice you may have, that could point me in a fresh, new direction?

This is a thoughtful examination of a common dilemma in memoir writing. There is no correct answer; each writer must decide for herself. Deciding what your goal is may help. Also, putting aside your manuscript for a while to reread with fresh eyes and heart. I do think it is valuable to get feedback from other readers who are not family members. I found myself faced with this when I wanted to write an essay about my oldest daughter. I explored the issue in this blog post.
I really enjoy reading memoirs, although I sometimes cringe imagining how the family member felt when he/she read the book.

How to write about nutrition

how to write about nutrition


how to write about nutritionhow to write about nutritionhow to write about nutritionhow to write about nutrition