How to add adsense to thesis theme

It is highly recommended to follow AdSense rules in order to get your AdSense account approved quickly. Further, it is also suggested to select a high paying niche for your blog, which means selecting a niche that is often researched by people on Google.

  • Proper ad placement The position of the ad on your web page determines your revenue to a great extent. You should place ads on the top of the page, using both images and text ads. If placing an ad on a page with a lot of content, you might like to include an ad between the texts too.
  • Choose the right AdSense sizes If your main aim is to earn via AdSense, it is highly recommended to choose the size of ads carefully. Some of the sizes that work best include 336×280, 728×90, and 160×600.
  • Track category performance Make the best use of category blocking feature of AdSense and avoid placing ads that belong to the categories that do not yield better earnings.
  • Here are a few extra do’s and dont’s that you should keep in mind in order to get maximum benefits:

    HI Andrea thanks for this wonderful post am very happy to see this, But i have a question. I applied for google ad and i make use of on which i have no domain. but later my brother created a new website with .com on wordpress with premium google ad which doesn’t pay well as we thought and all this i have access to his website and which he also made me an admin too later tonight i saw my google adsense Dashboard and My ad unit i had to copy and paste the Code in my other site which has no domain and google disapproved my request,In the sense i saw Apply with other site in which i put my brother website with domain cux i have access to it .. My question is will Google accept my request or will i get banned for doing this? the site is been ruined by me and i see all jet packs and traffics and i can change anything i like………… Thanks will be grateful to see this reply cux am a bit confuse now

    How to add adsense to thesis theme

    how to add adsense to thesis theme


    how to add adsense to thesis themehow to add adsense to thesis themehow to add adsense to thesis themehow to add adsense to thesis theme