Femme fatale double indemnity essay

I have the vintage version and still trying to decide whether I love it or too vintage for me...My favourite style is warm spicy / woody and this is that, however I think like with a few other vintages there are simply far too many notes. It's a big blur of notes and I think it's a little much. For example there is rosemary AND bergamot AND everything. I think there are a few notes here (and in other vintages) that just don't gel that well with others. So while its a big complex perfume, a few of the notes I reckon should have been left out. It's like cooking a big pot of stuff that just has every spice imaginable. Some just don't belong and take away from the others that might bring out the best in eachother.

Cleopatra was born in 69 BC to Pharaoh Ptolemy XII ‘Auletes’ and became the very last pharaoh of Egypt because her "liaisons" gave Rome control of Egypt after her death. Cleopatra had two famous lovers: Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony - both incredibly powerful Romans. But the temptress' ambition and seduction, which first augmented her empire's prestige, would later bring about her, and Egypt’s, downfall. In 1866, Jean León Gérome painted  Cleopatra with Julius Caesar,  an allegorical piece based on the codes of seduction of one of history’s most successful temptresses. 

Femme fatale double indemnity essay

femme fatale double indemnity essay


femme fatale double indemnity essayfemme fatale double indemnity essayfemme fatale double indemnity essayfemme fatale double indemnity essay