Examples career objective essays

  • To obtain a position at ABC company where I can support clients using my counselling and group facilitation skills and experience.
    This type of resume job objective works well in a situation where you would like to target a specific company, but you don't know what type of jobs are available at that company. You specify the company name, so your objective is not too generic, then you mention a couple of key skills that you could contribute to the company. In this case, the job seeker is indicating that he or she would fit well in a front line job working with clients, perhaps as a counsellor, teacher or worshop facilitator.

    "As a elementary teacher with over 12 years experience in a variety of roles, I'm at the point in my career where I would like to take on greater responsibility and make a fuller contribution to the education of our young children. I'm very interested in the vacancy you have because it allows me to meet both these objectives and work in a school that enjoys an excellent reputation among parents in this area. Already I have raised the GPA from 2 to 3 in my current class and enjoyed similar successes in my previous roles, details of which are below."

    Examples career objective essays

    examples career objective essays


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