Essay speaking foreign language

I like to watch sad movies. I know that people would consider me as a sad person, but I feel good after watching them. I am mostly interested in watching sad Indian movies. I feel that no one does sad movies better than the Indians and the songs make the entire thing a very unique experience. 2 days ago I watched 2 sad Indian movies and both of them were of Shah Rukh Khan. The actor acted well in all the films.
I go for movies every week with my friends and all of them are interested in the action movies. So, on their repeated requests I decided to watch the movie and in the end I was bored to death. The action was so childish and all the people were jumping over the building as if they were spider-mans. It was pathetic and I think that I would never been able to adopt a liking for action movies as I so in to these sad movies

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Most telling, though, was the enthusiastic legion of students sitting in the auditorium’s mezzanine. Macron made a point of directly addressing them during his talk, just as the students made a point of repeatedly cheering both his economic and political stances. What we might call Macronomie 201 has a swelling enrollment in France as well. In contrast to the staid and sparse crowds at the rallies of his opponents, Macron’s campaign events consistently draw thousands of loud and enthusiastic supporters. Last week, fewer than 300 people attended a speech by Valls in Clermont-Ferrand — the same city where, a week earlier, Macron drew a standing-room-only crowd of 2,000, with another 500 turned away at the doors. Reflecting Macron’s burgeoning popularity, polls now credit him with 20 percent of the vote, placing him in third place behind Le Pen and Fillon. In a startling poll published last week by French pollster Ifop, Macron would defeat not only Le Pen with 65 percent of the vote, but also Fillon by 52 percent, in the second round of the election.

Essay speaking foreign language

essay speaking foreign language


essay speaking foreign languageessay speaking foreign languageessay speaking foreign languageessay speaking foreign language