Essay scolarships

I just want to say we did not get any scholarship for my daughter either despite the fact that we are upside down on our mortgage, have no savings and have big student debt ourselves. Just because we get decent salaries currently we are discriminated against. My daughter was hoping they will give her some incentive as she is smart and hardworking as well and she feels the system is very unfair especially seeing the kids who get scholarships and aid and knowing they got it for the wrong reasons. I am just saying this because from the comments people tend to think families who are in debt or have no savings or have negative net worth get scholarships. This is not true. My daughter said some of her friends say they got full scholarship bc they are black or some lied on their essays that they are gay and were bullied.. what a world we live in…

One other factor to keep in mind is that the very best schools (Ivy Leagues and Stanford) have a sliding scale in what the charge depending on the student's parents' income. This means for someone of modest financial background, if they can get into a top shelf school, can be paying tens of thousands of dollars per year less than other students. That's why you shouldn't assume you can't go to a top-shelf school because of money. It's amazing how few people know this. Just google each school for the info on their sliding scales….

Essay scolarships

essay scolarships


essay scolarshipsessay scolarshipsessay scolarshipsessay scolarships