Elia lamb essays

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Hey everyone!!
Good Sunday puzzle, tho there was ONE LETTER I didn’t ink in till I checked on Bill: I guessed the “A” correctly, but still a real Natick for me at ELIA/PALMYRA!! And those are both things I should know, if only from past grids. Theme answers were pretty easy.
Re: Saran wrap: I finally found a solution to the madness, and it was completely accidental: HUGE rolls used for wrapping furniture and other big stuff you want to protect!! Industrial strength!! Years ago some movers left behind a roll. Perhaps it’s slightly thicker than regular plastic wrap, cuz it’s MUCH easier to handle. I peeled off the first coupla layers (in case the roll was dusty) and I’ve been using it ever since. Must cut w/scissors when you use it.
“The Troubles” I face include just about anything that is “sealed for my protection.” Where’s the protection against the inevitable paper cuts??
Dave, may I thank you for being clear and respectful.
Sweet dreams~~™🐈🐕🐎🐧🐰

Elia lamb essays

elia lamb essays


elia lamb essayselia lamb essayselia lamb essayselia lamb essays