Efraud thesis

Earlier this year I published a book on the topic (”Benford’s Law: Applications for forensic accounting, auditing, and fraud detection, Wiley, 2012). The first few chapters review the maths (the effect of multiplying the numbers by a constant, changing the base, and so on). In the book there are many applications including the census numbers, election results, stream flow numbers, and tax return numbers. The companion site http:/// has free Excel tempates, data sets, photos, and other interesting items. Enjoy.

TearLab ( TEAR ) was another  defunct business in dire need of cash  which was being aggressively and repeatedly recommended by Craig Hallum.  With the benefit of Hallum’s support, TearLab’s share price eventually reached $.  When I last  wrote about  TearLab, the stock was still at a pre-split price of $. Since that time, the stock has  fallen by %  as its nonsensical business predictably failed to materialize.  Even after a large reverse split, the stock sits at just $. But as always, TearLab was able to  raise large sums of cash  from equity sales before imploding.

Efraud thesis

e fraud thesis


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