Drugs addiction essay in hindi

1. Physical Health: Inhaling drugs like marijuana clearly is dangerous. If done enough, it can have the same effects that smoking cigarettes can cause. Marijuana has five times as much tar as the same amount of tobacco. Injecting drugs with needles, however, can be fatal in a shorter time. Consider that every time the addict uses a needle by another addict, fatal diseases like AIDS can be spread. Every day, someone uses a dirty needle and later finds that he has contracted a serious illness. Addicts will also be less inclined to exercise or take care of themselves when all that matters is getting the next high.

Prior to his work at NADCP/NDCI, Mr. Huddleston worked for eight years as a board-licensed clinician throughout the Tennessee and Oklahoma justice systems developing, offender-specific, in-custody and community mental health and substance abuse treatment programs. In doing so, Mr. Huddleston served as the director of two community corrections programs and as the director of a 125-bed pre-release correctional center. In addition, he lead the team that developed the first two drug courts in the State of Oklahoma, one of which served as a national mentor court for the . Department of Justice from 1995-1997.

Drugs addiction essay in hindi

drugs addiction essay in hindi


drugs addiction essay in hindidrugs addiction essay in hindidrugs addiction essay in hindidrugs addiction essay in hindi