Cia application essay

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Yes I did last week and I passed!! Finally.. after two fail attempts. I have realized that I have applied a different technique when answering the questions in the third attempt which I did not apply for the first two attempts. While I was answering the questions, any question that I did not know the correct answer for I flagged it so that I could answer at the end. Apparently when I had 15 minutes to answer the flagged questions at the end, I was able to answer them with confident without over analyzing. Also, another technique I applied is that I did NOT over analyze the question. The more you over think and over analyze, you waste your time and get the wrong answer. So what I did is that I paid attention to the key words in the question and what the question is EXACTLY ADDRESSING..

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Cia application essay

cia application essay


cia application essaycia application essaycia application essaycia application essay