Cause and consequence essay topics

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In the context of dependent origination, we have established the dependent, impermanent nature of the personality, the self, by means of underlining its dependent nature. In the two weeks to follow, we are going to arrive at the impermanence and impersonality of the self through examining its composite nature and through analyzing it into its constituent parts. By these means, we will elucidate the truth of not-self that opens the door to enlightenment.


Reducing the homeownership and thereby the wealth gap can be done, but requires aggressive federal policies. Among those spotlighted by Shapiro are strict enforcement of housing anti-discrimination laws; segregation limits the value gains in homes in black neighborhoods, while black and Latino families still face obstacles to moving into predominantly white areas. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should be encouraged to reduce principal and make other modifications to homeowners struggling with mortgage burdens in the wake of the housing crash; black and Latino families would be beneficiaries of such policies, which would help them preserve their home equity.

Cause and consequence essay topics

cause and consequence essay topics


cause and consequence essay topicscause and consequence essay topicscause and consequence essay topicscause and consequence essay topics