Becket murdered essay

The first suspect I think was guilty was himself, Thomas Becket. This is because the king ordered this archbishop (Becket) to reform the church courts, but Becket had his other plans and disagreed, by saying, “ the one who stands before you only serves God” and as Thomas Becket refused to do so, the king ended up getting angry. The second suspect I think was guilty was Henry II. In a way, everyone is involved as Becket did make the king angry. When Henry got tipped over the edge, he said “who will rid me of this troublesome priest? and while this was being said , the knights were outside the door, listening to his ideas and decided to do exactly what the king had said. I don’t think Henry meant it that way as the knights who killed Becket did. Once Thomas was killed, the king said he didn’t mean that he should actually be killed and then the day after his death, apparently he walked around the Cathedral whipping his back to say sorry to Thomas. I also believe that it was the knight’s fault because they did actually kill him. Need essay sample on "How Far Was Henry II to Blame for Becket’s Death?" ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $/page

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Becket murdered essay

becket murdered essay


becket murdered essaybecket murdered essaybecket murdered essaybecket murdered essay