Barriers to intercultural communication essay

The Glucksman project- 'Once Upon a Place' has worked with Children living in Direct Provision centres in Cork City, Wallaroo Playschool and Gaelscoil Mhainistir Na Corann, Midleton to create artworks that consider the idea of place both imaginative and real. http:///                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

What is considered an appropriate display of emotion can differ from culture to culture. In some countries, displaying anger, fear or frustration in the workplace is considered inappropriate in a business setting. People from these cultures keep their emotions hidden and only discuss the factual aspects of the situation. In other cultures, participants in a discussion are expected to reveal their emotions. You can imagine what misunderstandings can arise if a businessperson displays strong emotion in the company of employees who feel that such behavior is out of place.

So what can we do?  As academic advisors on the front line, how can we challenge our own biases, perceptions, and ignorance when working with students from cultures different from our own?  As student service professionals, we have a responsibility to become consciously aware of the messages and actions we communicate to students and the ways they may be perceived. While it is impossible to learn every detail about an unfamiliar culture, this should not discourage us from expanding what we do know and exploring what we do not.  Taking the initiative to increase our intercultural competence and communication skills will only further support students on their path to success.

Barriers to intercultural communication essay

barriers to intercultural communication essay


barriers to intercultural communication essaybarriers to intercultural communication essaybarriers to intercultural communication essaybarriers to intercultural communication essay