Bachelor thesis sharepoint

Description: This course will focus on comprehensive theoretical understanding of group process, personal skill development and application through intensive team work. These skills are of critical importance in both professional and social settings. Through guided exploration and application of theoretical paradigms and practical strategies, students will achieve the necessary skills to succeed in and lead effective teams. The course consists in an intensive experiential approach – learning by doing – enabling participants to become effective, practiced team members with experience applying skills necessary for leadership, analysis and evaluation, problem solving, and conflict management. Individual and team activities enhance participants' skills to work with a variety of personalities in diverse situations, and to effectively assume various professional roles within a team.
Hours: 42
Credits: 3

Because the degree program is based on the Mechanical Engineering program you will be fully qualified as a mechanical engineer and will have the same employment opportunities as mechanical engineers. UQ Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering graduates not only have generic skills that give them an advantage in traditional mechanical engineering roles, as the discipline increasingly relies on high technology, but also have the specialised training that enables them to apply engineering and scientific techniques to aerospace-based situations.

Bachelor thesis sharepoint

bachelor thesis sharepoint


bachelor thesis sharepointbachelor thesis sharepointbachelor thesis sharepointbachelor thesis sharepoint