Anthropology of water essay

The University of Wyoming Anthropology Museum is in the Anthropology Building on the north side of campus at 12th and Lewis . Visitors will find exhibits throughout three floors of the building. The main first floor gallery follows the "Human Odyssey", from the evolution of humans in Africa several million years ago to the spread of our species throughout the world, and on to the Late Pleistocene entry into the New World. The Colby Mammoth Site, the Vore Buffalo Jump, and other Wyoming archaeology sites are featured. A part of the gallery is also devoted to a celebration of hunter-gatherer heritage throughout the world (the northern Plains, Alaska, Africa, and others). Other displays featuring archaeological research, bison evolution and world cultural diversity can be found in hallway exhibits on the first and second floor. The fourth floor hallway exhibits award winning Wyoming Archaeology month posters.

Senior Honors:  Students who wish to conduct a research project for Latin Honors and who have the minimum GPA of and the approval of a faculty adviser may be enrolled in the honors program. Latin Honors involves both demonstration of acquired knowledge (based in part on GPA) and a report on an original research project. Two courses, Anthro 4951 and Anthro 4961 , are available to allow students to receive credit for the extra research involved in the honors thesis. Students may count one of these courses toward their 400-level course requirement for the major.

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Anthropology of water essay

anthropology of water essay


anthropology of water essayanthropology of water essayanthropology of water essayanthropology of water essay