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The annotation produced for this release (102) was compared to the annotation in the previous release (101) for each assembly annotated in both releases. Scores for current and previous gene and transcript features were calculated based on overlap in exon sequence and matches in exon boundaries. Pairs of current and previous features were categorized based on these scores, whether they are reciprocal best matches, and changes in attributes (gene biotype, completeness, etc.). If the assembly was updated between the two releases, alignments between the current and the previous assembly were used to match the current and previous gene and transcript features in mapped regions.

The goal of this group project has been to coordinate and bring up-to-date information on all genes of Escherichia coli K-12. Annotation of the genome of an organism entails identification of genes, the boundaries of genes in terms of precise start and end sites, and description of the gene products. Known and predicted functions were assigned to each gene product on the basis of experimental evidence or sequence analysis. Since both kinds of evidence are constantly expanding, no annotation is complete at any moment in time. This is a snapshot analysis based on the most recent genome sequences of two K-12 bacteria. An accurate and up-to-date description of K-12 genes is of particular importance to the scientific community because experimentally determined properties of its gene products provide fundamental information for annotation of innumerable genes of other organisms. Availability of the complete genome sequence of two K-12 strains allows comparison of their genotypes and mutant status of alleles.

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Annotation to dissertation chemical english

annotation to dissertation chemical english


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