Annotating an essay

Hi Grades 10 - 12!! I suppose you are thinking we are picky when we grade your work.  You are probably correct.  However, it gets more challenging when you leave us.  Check out this rubric from Kings College in London.  It covers oral and written examinations, reports, and essays.  Notice that a good student earns 60s!  It is not easy out there, and we challenge you so that you will achieve success after your time with us.  I have uploaded their rubric as a PDF file.  I did not create it nor will I take credit for it in any way.  I do admire its merits, and like its structure however.  This is why it is important that you practice your writing at every opportunity we give you, and make it count.  This is for real, and you can find it at

Selecting the final factors to focus on
Factor auction

Formulating final judgements
Debate possible interpretations as a class by playing ‘Battleships’
Engineer conflicting interpretations: complaint letters v. advertising blurb
Continuum Lines to arrange a scale of opinion on ONE issue
Matrix grids to judge TWO issues simultaneously
Triangulation to compare THREE possible judgements
Rival interpretations: How would VARIOUS groups interpret the same question?
Interpretation Tracker: "How did YOUR opinion change over time?"

Annotating an essay

annotating an essay


annotating an essayannotating an essayannotating an essayannotating an essay